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  • Scientific and technological support and innovation drive are the basic strategies of enterprises, and also the powerful performance of enhancing the soft power of enterprises. In 2019, kitchenware stuff Supplier continued to place technological innovation in a prominent strategic position, increasing new product development, low-cost manufacturing, target matching and investment in science and technology, and gradually promoting the company's "high-quality" development.

    "Without scientific and technological innovation, there is no way out for enterprises, especially for kitchenware stuff Supplier. Optimizing product structure, enhancing market competitiveness and diluting logistics cost are the choices for future development. To achieve these goals, we have to rely on innovation.

    In 2019, kitchenware stuff Supplier pays more attention to grass-roots innovation while paying attention to scientific and technological talents. With a more open and inclusive attitude, kitchenware stuff Supplier tries to create a good atmosphere for the innovative actions of front-line workers, change the common workers'understanding of the "serious" face of scientific and technological work, and enable them to carry out innovative work in a relaxed and happy environment. At the same time, we should continue to optimize the innovation mechanism, improve the innovation incentive policy, strengthen the management of scientific and technological innovation at the institutional level, and mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff for innovation and efficiency.

    On this basis, kitchenwarestuff Supplier will continue to adhere to the principle of "two-way and double-effect", focus on "increasing varieties, improving quality and establishing brand", accelerate the pace of innovation, vigorously develop characteristic, differentiated and high-end products, and continuously enhance the sales proportion of new products and varieties, promote product industry upgrading, enhance brand effect and become customers through "hands-on" products. Households create value and benefit for enterprises.

    Developing low-cost manufacturing research in the whole industry chain and promoting the construction of intelligent chemical plants are the direction of the company's efforts in 2019. In the aspect of low-cost manufacturing, we will base ourselves on our own reality and regard the research of low-cost manufacturing in the whole industrial chain as a long-term subject of scientific and technological innovation. We will persevere and work hard for a long time to make breakthroughs and achieve practical results. In the construction of intelligent chemical plants, the Group will optimize and improve the process flow based on production line technology and equipment, speed up the introduction and application of new technologies, and promote the realization of equipment functions, continuous progress of indicators and cost reduction goals. Meanwhile, by means of industrial automation , we will comprehensively promote the construction of digital enterprises and promote the development of various industries towards  greening.

    According to the plan, the company will continue to increase investment in science and technology, focusing on the production cost, product restructuring, resource development and utilization, software and hardware construction and other industries to carry out scientific and technological research, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; further strengthen laboratory construction, enhance test capabilities; constantly strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation, focus on "introducing knowledge, introducing intelligence", and take the project as a platform to improve innovation capabilities. Let the innovative achievements become the sharp weapon for enterprises to create efficiency and improve competitiveness.

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