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wire mesh fence

The welded wire mesh fencing system combines shape and panel strength for a pleasing see-through perspective. Weld mesh fencing panels come in widths of 2.5m, 2.75m, and 3m ,but can be cut to any size Each panel is made from drawn steel wires which are welded at every intersection to give rigidity. Wire thickness ranges between 3.5mm and 8mm
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  • Options for Fixing Weld Mesh Fence Posts

    The two most common methods for fixing fence posts in weld mesh panel fence systems, (like with palisade or railings), are:

    Standard straight extended fence posts designed to be set in a concrete foundation.


    Base plated steel fence posts designed to be bolted down to concrete, masonary, and other solid surfaces using rawl bolts, wedge anchors, or threaded bar set with chemical anchor compounds.

     panel height  pane length  wire diameter  mesh size  bends no
     0.6/0.63m    Gal+powder coated    2
     1.0/1.03m    3.85mm/4.0mm    2
     1.2/1.23m    4.85mm/5.0mm  50*150mm  2
     1.5/1.53m  1.8-2.5m  Gal+pvc coated  55*150mm  3
     1.7/1.73m    3.0mm/4.0mm    3
     1.8/1.83m    4.0mm/5.0mm    3
     1.9/1.93m      50*200mm  3
     2.0/2.03m    hot dipped Gal  55*200mm  4
     2.4/2.43m        4

     post stye   pose size  post thickness 
     rectangle shape  40*60mm  1.5mm-3.0mm
       50*70mm  1.0mm-1.2mm

     peach shape

     70*100mm  1.0mm-1.2mm
       38mm  1.2mm
     round shape   40mm  1.5mm
       48mm  1.0-2.5mm
     square shape  40*40mm  1.2-3.0mm
       60*60mm  1.5-3.0mm






    welded mesh fence panel to post securing methods

     two different types of fixing method are employed to attach welded wire

     1) clip system is used as the most common method and is inplemented

     brings a balance of security and cost effectiveness

     2) the clamp bar system is used for high security and where extra strength

     court applications 






     mesh fence panels to their posts:

    by most manufacturers of mesh panel systems the clip system 


     may be needed for example on the 868 mesh when used in ball



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