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  • HowtoInstallBarbedWireMesh
  • How to install barbed wire mesh barbed wire mesh, also known as galvanized barbed wire, for safety management settings. 1. Major workload Installation of galvanized barbed wire mesh on the wall 2. Preparations for main construction procedures before construction - survey setting - column installation - barbed wire mesh fixation - cleaning construction site 3. Preparations before construction: 1. Barbed wire mesh is finished product. 2. Manufacturing of the column: the column is 75# galvanized angle steel with a length of 1 m, and the hook is welded with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 40 mm along the upper end of 150 mm. In order to prevent the wire mesh from falling off, the end of the hook is slightly bent towards the angle steel. Measuring and setting-out: along the length direction, one column is set every 3m, one column is set at each corner, and the column is set at the side of the wall: the column is fixed on the wall with 12 # expansion bolt, the lower part is 100 mm apart, four columns are installed (see sketch), the corner and the two ends of the column are strengthened. Fixation of wire mesh: First take the barbed wire mesh straight along the wall direction, fix the beginning (if necessary with 16 # wire fixed), one by one tension into the steel bar hook, layer by layer installation. The first floor is 100 mm away from the top of the wall. Cleaning up Construction Site: Cleaning up Residual Materials
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