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  • dipped galvanized stone cage gabion box
  • Using the net made of the box structure is the stone cage cage.According to ASTM and EN standards, the diameter of low carbon steel wire used varies according to engineering design requirements.Generally between 2.0-4.0mm, the tensile strength of the stone cage net steel wire is not less than 38kg/m2, the metal coating weight is generally higher than 245g/m2, the diameter of the edge of the stone cage net is generally larger than the diameter of the wire.The length of the stranded part of the double wire shall not be less than 50mm.

    Stone cage net can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, mountain rock surface hanging net spraying

    Stone cage cage

    In the landscape engineering, highway revetment, dam revetment and mountain slope green has been a headache for engineers and technicians.For many years, they have been exploring a technology that can not only meet the protection requirements of mountain and beach stability, but also achieve the effect of greening the environment, and at the same time economically convenient.Gradually, this process began to surface, it is the ecological stone cage net application process.Ecological stone cage net application technology is a high strength galvanized steel wire woven into different specifications of the rectangular cage, cage filled with stone structure.After this kind of structure is applied to the protection of bank slope, the cracks between the rocks are filled with soil continuously under the double action of man-made and natural factors.The seeds gradually germinate and grow in the soil between the stones. The roots keep the stones and the soil firmly in place.In this way, the slope can be protected and afforested, and the effect of ecological improvement and water and soil conservation is also very significant.


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